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The weight of the world might be heavy, but so is the barbell. Conquer both.

Why Join The Jacked & Strong Crew?

Empowering individuals to unearth their hidden potential and soar to unparalleled heights is the essence of my coaching philosophy. Witnessing a novice grasp their first dumbbell, master their inaugural squat, or embrace the weight of a barbell, only to ascend to the IPF world stage in a mere three years, fuels my passion. Just as I unwaveringly believed in Joya, even when she was unfamiliar with the realm of training, I harbor that same unyielding faith in every client. As they shatter personal records with each training block, they do not only embrace their huge potential but also place unwavering trust in my coaching techniques.

My mission is to accelerate their strength journey, ensuring consistent growth and unparalleled results. By seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience, I’ve successfully sculpted a diverse array of athletes. My hands-on approach to coaching, coupled with the privilege of guiding clients over multiple years, enables me to craft special programs tailored to their unique goals. Join me, and together, let’s unlock the boundless potential that lies within you.


Online Coaching

$200 / Per Month

  • Weekly updated programs
  • Daily WhatsApp access for Q&A
  • Technique feedback for all exercises
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Competition preparation
  • Monthly 1 on 1 zoom call
  • Daily program changes for specific conditions
  • Discount on all seminars and webinars
  • Early bird access to webinars and seminars

Training Program

$100 / Per Month

  • Weekly updated programs
  • Weekly access to WhatsApp for Q&As
  • Technique feedback for the main lifts
  • Competition preparation

Consulting Call

$30 / Per Call

  • A 40-minute Zoom meeting to talk and discuss all kinds of topics and answer all kinds of questions you have with a complete guide to all the services we offer.
  • Would be considered as part of the payment if you proceed to choose one of the available packages.

Personal Training

$80 / Per Session
Only Available in UAE

  • Personal training sessions
  • Weekly updated programs
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Daily WhatsApp access for Q&As
  • Discount on all webinars and seminars
  • Early bird access on all webinars and seminars
  • Competition preparation
  • Competition Day handling

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